Saturday, April 25, 2009

"I got a single bed/Ain't no room for your sweet head"

I think that's how the chorus goes to "S-S-S-Single Bed" by Fox. Incidentally, the same dude also wrote "Under The Boardwalk". Anyway I guess this officially makes me a Simon Reynolds fanboy: 2 blog-prop occurences in 2 days.

But seriously this song is awesome. It's actually a disco song (er, in that niche sort of, right?) where the singer is lamenting how they'd love to fuck but they can't sleep with you because, hey it's just single bed and there's no fuckin for you! I feel that. I really do. [Do I, three hours later?]

Other thing I was thinking is that between this and the "video" for "18 Carat Love Affair", which I link to below just-scroll-down-whee-bit, a case could actually be made, by me, that lip-syncing can be way way better than so-called live performance-- more stylish, entertaining, fun to watch and thus actually an enhancement on the recorded product which is actually being presented as an accoutrement to the performance. At least in the context of a TV show, or some such.

And Noosha Fox's outfit is really beautiful and wonderful. Shame on the idiot host for dissing it at the end of the song! [Addendum: The outfit is actually kinda lame. I think what so bewitches me is Noosha's over-compensating gestural syncing-style.] Also, Noosha Fox shares a birthday with Ann Coulter. That almost makes me believe in Karma.


I'm starting to get an idea of what living in this not-so-well ventilated 3rd floor apartment is gonna be like during warmer temperatures, and I'm afraid the answer's gonna have to have to be alot more buck-naked Hauser. Sorry, Elaine and other neighbors... Also, while I'm on an avant-disco groove I might as well link to Can's biggest hit. They ain't Noosha Fox in the lip-syncing department, but hey, they're fucking Can! So, nuff said.


Having reservations about Silliman's Blog has become a reflexive accompanying response to reading Silliman's Blog: Thoughts?
T-Pain's plan to "change the world". "I'd turn everybody into a hershey's kiss." I mean, corny as hell, but you gotta kinda love it don't you?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Check out the amazing film/sound collages of Denorah de Jesus Rodriguez.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hi There

[This portion deleted] this Tim And Eric video. "Free House For You, Jim" is pretty great too.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Lazy Bloggin Whilst Taking A Break From Watching The Making of Short Bus/Is There Magical Language Poetry?

Short Bus: I'm thinking this film has emotional sophistication. How come so few films today have genuine emotional sophistication? Er, Indie Films, anyway. For example, the other night, I watched Synecdoche, New York, and it's very good, it has a pretty awesome performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman, I'm a huge Samantha Morton fan (you should see Morvern Callar) and the sequence in the final minutes, with the instructions and the dying, is quite beautiful, but emotionally it's pretty one-note. Like dread-dread-dread-whining- sex- dread- grey hair-dread-love-death. They all seem like different notes, but I think they're really all one-note. I mean, it's innovative and all, but at least Short Bus acknowledges that sexuality is a very very complicated thing. Not to set up an opposition or anything...


Oh yeah. The last week, I've had a headache pretty much the whole time. And on an unrelated note, I read The Future Of Memory by Bob Perelman, and I've been rereading Ketjak by Ron "Million Hits" Silliman and enjoying them both, particularly "The Heroes" from Perelman's book, which gave me flashes of what I sort of always thought Language Poetry could maybe be. I guess I'm still wrestling with those issues. Am I?

Anyway now I'm thinking, "Is there magical Language Poetry?" Is that a stupid question?


I went to the El Rey grocery store today with Elaine to buy El Rey chips, and noticed that the bag seems alot fuller than when I buy them at Pick n Save (yes that's the name of the Death Star chain of grocery stores in Milwauke, gimme break it's a freakin block from my house and it's open when I get off work). Should I be surprised that the El Rey chips that are sold at the actual grocery store named El Rey are essentially a better value than the ones sold at Pick n Save. Am I actually willing to believe that they save the best bags of chips for their own stores?


This is probably irresponsible blogging because 1: I'm drinking right now (so what?), and 2: I'm bringing up ideas without really expanding on them (I'm drinking right now), and 3: I'm now 31 years old. (I actually just thought to say that now because I haven't said it yet, in any official or public context.)


Is blogging "official".


Should I buy the new Robert Fitterman book? I was looking at it today and it actually looks pretty good.