Thursday, May 17, 2012

With Every Heartbeat

maybe we can make it alright
we could make it beter some time
maybe we could make it mhappen baby
we could keep trying but
thing wisll never change so i did
look bakc still I"m ding with
every step in i tak eso i don't
olook back just a litterl bti beter
good enought to waste some itme
tell me would it make you happey baby
we could keep tryting but things will n
ever change so i don't look
still i'm tdying with e3very ste p i tak e
but i dont llook beta
still i 'm dying with every step
i take but i dont lookk bac k
it it ihurts wi th eery
it ti hurst whti every hearbeat
it it heaurts with every hureah
and it hursts ewith every
and it hurts with every hurea
and it hurst with every harbeat
and and it hrust with every hearubeat
and it hurst with every heartbaeat