Friday, February 29, 2008

The David/Godard Contingency

Has anyone ever noticed the resemblance between these two "auteurs"?
This Electronica Album

makes me feel all

dark and windy

and gooey inside

like Roger Moore

on a hot day during

the filming of “Man-a-Skin”

my legs become all

treacherous and

wonderful foot filling

my teeth ring

against dead friends’

memory bop

mm-bop as

the wind changes


in the middle of

“The Tiny Tim

Wedding” rehearsal :)

laid out like

sticks in the wood

from the rustic

repeated thrusts

of the sunset

nightmarish gravity

of the outsourced

Chinese hiccup

learning Menudo

in the cheap

garish sunshine

of someone’s video

makes me tum

te tum all

over your car floor

Monday, February 25, 2008


Belief in a certain pronunciation of gawd, like when the habitants.

Naychur lunch. Naychur fayble. Naychur wagon.

If nain't your wagon, this naychur is a brother with maysure, cockluck. Pussfelt etc.

Naychure wags or lags folks brokaw bummin. Naychur has yer number. Food doodle space makes peck-a-neck lander craft.

Naychur fiddle. Naychur doodle etc. Give equal time for bro money.

The missing peg-a-leg form. Crux of naychur and dandy artwork. Crux of cave naychur paiynt. Blew chip sawlsa. This gnightmare tewl uwsed in bleu.

This naychur, naychur faint.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


throw down wikipedia, blushing gauntlet
a window of skittles covered in rain

a window of skittles covered in snow
this makes you, the proletariate, feel nefarious

crazy lung excercise learned in tibetan sweatshop
ok the drug drags maybe learn luddism

the look-up style gap well-informed
heavily document thusly paternables’

lilting quench-a-saurous, quench-a-pedia
learn like lovers do, subtract the cold

subtract the burrito, subtract pavel bure
from the field, grow a pair

link to this well-shoveled stylishly
quaffed blog as a learned redundancy

a hazy one-act being as we know
a hazy conjunction of villains

stomp-a-pedia lovelorn lady
writes viciously, reads tenderly

whole oligarchy or potato wall
sundried blush hovering in the hall

winona ryder is pissed, sunkist, starkist.

temple body music
aphoristic techno, y’know

jungles in the round-robin coinage
boob or bob, poignancy of piano mover’s

back down driveways of candy, where we
were we robo rumor, lily lowell conductor

why not change that soup brain poop
ooh, diss gusting snow, owls commiserate

7 babies collaborated on this
functional ear infection worry

the piano is floating in the gully in a boat
some lanky gentleman serenading

remembrance of things phat
flub up partition, get fired, stump for a dole

likewise skies of perfect meal breath
a girl of echoey freckles

2 midgets sucking off a siberian huskie
in the corner, corners make a firm comeback

a lot of impounded imprezas waking
adrienne rich is all like ah, aah crap

throws keys at attendant, throws metal fingers.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

You're missing me blogging about my taste in music over here.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Recycled from conversation: The equivalant of being punch-drunk for an ultimate fighter might be to just turn into some kind of panda-like very cuddly creature.
I want to try to popularize this phrase: "Yo, I'm skittles!" At first I thought it might be used in a kind of celebratory way, but now I think it would be more like an indication that one is freaking out or can't keep it together, that kinda thing.

synthesizer, microwave me
give me a drug so I can make 7 babies

percolator, later Daddy
caucus my leg about a million feet

flexy accordian doobie this
silk screen a big sky, tongue some argentina

over the shoulder boulder holder
put a wet thumb on the air

record of the year, ripchord
my good yontif, zesty salsa etc.

moog marginalizer, move over
bleed through of radio wake

2 live to stymy bickle’s do
bundchen my poorish scarf out loud

cloudbusting tiny retro chicken
shove thy ninja in another direction

mother hush that fuss
dr. scholl ricky martin

move to the back of the bus.
Dr. Hauser Say

sometimes crank


not peter out

not break down

enjoy success
My Disordered Mind

If I could take off one booby and give it to you, I would.
I'd give the other to Sherlock Holmes, let him look for it awhile.
dude, the man with a child in his eyes!

dude, where have all the cowboys gone!

dude, the milk-eyed mender!

dude, easy breezy beautiful cover girl!

dude, your precious heart!

dude, cornflake girl!

dude, I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over!

dude, building a mystery!

dude, I need a hero!

dude, he's gotta be fresh from the fight!

dude, total eclipse of the heart!

dude, you're so vain!

dude, in the pink!

dude, god, it's me margeret!

dude, that's so raven!

dude, here's where the story ends!

dude, never is a promise!

dude, this is my night without armor!

dude, your knuckles are like little moons!

dude, it's raining men!

dude, stay (I missed you)!

dude, you're my favorite mistake!

dude, my name is luka!

dude, you oughta know!

dude, I only wanted one time to see you laughing!

dude, I only wanted to see you bathing in the purple rain!