Tuesday, February 05, 2008

dude, the man with a child in his eyes!

dude, where have all the cowboys gone!

dude, the milk-eyed mender!

dude, easy breezy beautiful cover girl!

dude, your precious heart!

dude, cornflake girl!

dude, I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over!

dude, building a mystery!

dude, I need a hero!

dude, he's gotta be fresh from the fight!

dude, total eclipse of the heart!

dude, you're so vain!

dude, in the pink!

dude, god, it's me margeret!

dude, that's so raven!

dude, here's where the story ends!

dude, never is a promise!

dude, this is my night without armor!

dude, your knuckles are like little moons!

dude, it's raining men!

dude, stay (I missed you)!

dude, you're my favorite mistake!

dude, my name is luka!

dude, you oughta know!

dude, I only wanted one time to see you laughing!

dude, I only wanted to see you bathing in the purple rain!


Joseph said...

I'm way too drunk for Sarah Mclaughlin references... help me.

sandrasimonds said...

I think this is very funny.

(and I'm drunk!)

Mike H said...

You know I knew about that Jewel, but I didn't know that it was a play on words all this time? Get it? A night without armor? Geez... That Jewel...

Mike H said...

Not that I like her music...

Robert J. said...

dude, tlc comin' from me all night on this!