Saturday, September 18, 2010


oboe-acoustick'd & flattered like nipples

We engage the mytho-macular fun spindle

with a cam in wheat-crystal

consecutive plunges in irrigated but non-arable

Arab lands; only point away to adventure

Do we have split homologous green vibes 'r what?

Friday, September 17, 2010


8.8 unholy affinity
happening near a laser attached
to 2 lasers of profound personal sacrifice and devotion to duty
attached to a mouth that is registered
for minions and purple winter kill

Even in 2012 white and thick clouds
amount to non-natural coloration in regions
between blue and black on the color wheel
whose enormous photo essay
of blue-tinged water flails around effortlessly

Counter target from in an assessment process shows types of bacteria, including purple ones
starting to realize the massive superiority
of fun in zero sum layout of the white spatial tolerance deteriorating
a floaty-rotatey gold collection of vintage racial hatreds in a loot bag

"By the Fireside" translates to free-streaming indirect actions floating
that can be absorbed by the "service gangs"
which means a blog of psychiatric disorders anneals shock due to dilatation & extensive
massive swelling of having not that which you ain't got.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Robyn's hair has no author.








Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Men's Health Daily if too warmed-over

may place pink ramparts in your atmosphere

like if Lil Wayne bought the Atlanta Hawks

with millions made in ambient

douchey dream suggestion

People are so mean they

just look at you and grip their private parts

They download basic cautionary tales

from the 20g of sugar per your

flippy valuable time!

Time to start hitting WalMart

as Pavement was here this night

grow my little weakass light in a can

person to person with equivalent damage

If you snap that FirstAid rugby structure

weakass pittance deflated behind

some kind of weakass wooden gate

hosing down suspects on some weakass boat

John Cale makes shittyass dijon mustard

But destroys in disc golf.

We already have an accidental forum

where we broadcast sex; there is

no further need for a fluttering slipshod parasol

or wideass Pennsylvanian diction to mark our place

or mark the runaway climate change

with a dry erase New Purity.

Friday, September 03, 2010


Put it in yr cereal box & shake it like Goldilocks
Move it like a bulky-ass couch don't fit 'n nook
This one's the one we call the skyhook it's
Kareem drops Batman off on his first day of School
The crisp leaves will holler at you
Crime fighter protecting the fragrant
Making the best care home & heart a mold like
Spittin' droppin' double-dip soup lip
Bitin' wind like comas improv electoral slip n slide

booger-shakin' carbuncle-ass pantry-raid
storehouse of a hosed magician's ass't who climaxed in the Ponzi
hole of a morbid fucker's most cheery-ass aesthetic of Pop tart flavor choice