Thursday, August 27, 2009


it was like, Hey Weird Baby Boy Name
the rains down in Africa
can't keep ammo in stock
"hurry boy she's waiting..." No, No,
N-O to the enjambed blooper reel indices
combined with the talking Kangaroo Wall Street Journal
the emotionally determined tablature winks,,,

it's supposed to sit out on my porch tonight
but it mayn't diarhea
or the hooligans in our bloodline reunite us
be dapperer than making out before
but still romantically briefed and clinging
to your out-sourced sighs
O let me go down and learn
working toward an advanced curriculum
in this fucked-up pluri-felt of feelings
ridiculous images flood the boat in two
hand-held MP3 bridge quivers
and the longer voice-activated
the non-essentialist orgasms

_____ said all your moves are in volumes
you are volume-centric
& I say volume-concentric
I hear the rains down in Africa just like you

& I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
that this laughable demeanor may tuck in
to yet more desert meals
Never Be Stumped For A Tree Shot
Each UXO/mine secret
section of code to embed
v.32bis 14.4kbps onto the image
the bear climbing the ladder out of the skate pool love, even if the Fixed-Core guide wires loose
all sensation for their stems
spinning on the filmic pier in my dreams...
only post-dream description available was
crypto-keyed, rudely-withdrawn pregnant art
& I got a piece of it stuck under an application
for an absentee... I keep a starving pit-bull
and put on a pair of easier-for-you-to-enjoy
steering wheel fluid--harvesting absolutely
the most offensive visor from the portal

recieved a supple examination
of my strudel del fuego
in the keening light
spying on the movements
relaying signs and sighs
which softened up the lieu
not vexed and finally

do the squirrel's healthful paws
at my window
signal "Goodbye to you"?
can they in some way mask
my unhealthful intentions around the
dissemination of these songs?
are the squirrel and the ladder-climbing bear
both finally waving "Goodbye to you"
releasing some booster-chair endorphins
we had not experienced since
early days at the Ponderosa?

Al Swanky
comes through the saloon door
just ever week or so to surmise
getting lost in your eyes
then says "Goodbye to you"

so long ago
wanted far too much
to ever let you go
in the ever-wilding goggle-light
these Hazmat suits were exchanged
for Classical Gas Hinkty Licks
his perennially awful plastic surgery
licks the earmuffs off smarty jones
who so long ago said
Goodbye to capitalization
as a rebuke to it's coarse
& gender'd nature

like, say, the Pittsburgh Steelers
make a trip to FedEx
in those days that we took for
a steer or a whole hog
whether or not running as based
on her text messages [espn]
expand the liver space
for the Stella to enter
with it's impression
of a feeble corrections officer

this won't happen overnight:
skull-faced Hawaiians on deep dives
kindly seperating the flannel sheets
from the chaffe: 1. your fab shoes
send healthy thoughts out to all my buddies
and Thank You! 2. the real, ill Santa
escorted an employee to the Airport Lounge
then to Old Country Buffet
where the eggs are not violently detested

out from under the porch
by the local bodega, kickin' it Mel Gibson in Ransom-style
nobody touch my fuckin' eye-mask bondage kit!
(it's lyrical / skype-ready)
the Jonas Brothers arrived in a package from Greece
to rock the house
not to mention make rock 'n' roll childish
stripped of each of it's lamented
LenDale Attributes

finally showed the decorum
of writing code in the nude

was never more turbo
than a sinkhole
sunrising the moon'd
quasi-Rick Flair
jostling effects
For the extent of the duration of the televisual feast
In the televisual environment
I lay pants out
on the nostrum I catch
from the televised
public corn sizzurp roads
gathered in the tin pails
too think-y or like yeah
yeah I know suckling nights
are nosing around spending
the money

so you see
dude was hogging the tapas
I was trying to cross the street
against the glare
forgiving angular bus sounds
that had reached my window
which was the city "blowin' through"
ruffling NetFlix wrappers
used as makeshift condoms
dieting in exotic localles
with the coffee that was
out of my depth

Tuesday, August 18, 2009