Thursday, August 27, 2009


it was like, Hey Weird Baby Boy Name
the rains down in Africa
can't keep ammo in stock
"hurry boy she's waiting..." No, No,
N-O to the enjambed blooper reel indices
combined with the talking Kangaroo Wall Street Journal
the emotionally determined tablature winks,,,

it's supposed to sit out on my porch tonight
but it mayn't diarhea
or the hooligans in our bloodline reunite us
be dapperer than making out before
but still romantically briefed and clinging
to your out-sourced sighs
O let me go down and learn
working toward an advanced curriculum
in this fucked-up pluri-felt of feelings
ridiculous images flood the boat in two
hand-held MP3 bridge quivers
and the longer voice-activated
the non-essentialist orgasms

_____ said all your moves are in volumes
you are volume-centric
& I say volume-concentric
I hear the rains down in Africa just like you

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