Thursday, August 27, 2009


like, say, the Pittsburgh Steelers
make a trip to FedEx
in those days that we took for
a steer or a whole hog
whether or not running as based
on her text messages [espn]
expand the liver space
for the Stella to enter
with it's impression
of a feeble corrections officer

this won't happen overnight:
skull-faced Hawaiians on deep dives
kindly seperating the flannel sheets
from the chaffe: 1. your fab shoes
send healthy thoughts out to all my buddies
and Thank You! 2. the real, ill Santa
escorted an employee to the Airport Lounge
then to Old Country Buffet
where the eggs are not violently detested

out from under the porch
by the local bodega, kickin' it Mel Gibson in Ransom-style
nobody touch my fuckin' eye-mask bondage kit!
(it's lyrical / skype-ready)
the Jonas Brothers arrived in a package from Greece
to rock the house
not to mention make rock 'n' roll childish
stripped of each of it's lamented
LenDale Attributes

finally showed the decorum
of writing code in the nude

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