Thursday, August 27, 2009


was never more turbo
than a sinkhole
sunrising the moon'd
quasi-Rick Flair
jostling effects
For the extent of the duration of the televisual feast
In the televisual environment
I lay pants out
on the nostrum I catch
from the televised
public corn sizzurp roads
gathered in the tin pails
too think-y or like yeah
yeah I know suckling nights
are nosing around spending
the money

so you see
dude was hogging the tapas
I was trying to cross the street
against the glare
forgiving angular bus sounds
that had reached my window
which was the city "blowin' through"
ruffling NetFlix wrappers
used as makeshift condoms
dieting in exotic localles
with the coffee that was
out of my depth

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