Tuesday, February 12, 2008


temple body music
aphoristic techno, y’know

jungles in the round-robin coinage
boob or bob, poignancy of piano mover’s

back down driveways of candy, where we
were we robo rumor, lily lowell conductor

why not change that soup brain poop
ooh, diss gusting snow, owls commiserate

7 babies collaborated on this
functional ear infection worry

the piano is floating in the gully in a boat
some lanky gentleman serenading

remembrance of things phat
flub up partition, get fired, stump for a dole

likewise skies of perfect meal breath
a girl of echoey freckles

2 midgets sucking off a siberian huskie
in the corner, corners make a firm comeback

a lot of impounded imprezas waking
adrienne rich is all like ah, aah crap

throws keys at attendant, throws metal fingers.

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