Monday, February 25, 2008


Belief in a certain pronunciation of gawd, like when the habitants.

Naychur lunch. Naychur fayble. Naychur wagon.

If nain't your wagon, this naychur is a brother with maysure, cockluck. Pussfelt etc.

Naychure wags or lags folks brokaw bummin. Naychur has yer number. Food doodle space makes peck-a-neck lander craft.

Naychur fiddle. Naychur doodle etc. Give equal time for bro money.

The missing peg-a-leg form. Crux of naychur and dandy artwork. Crux of cave naychur paiynt. Blew chip sawlsa. This gnightmare tewl uwsed in bleu.

This naychur, naychur faint.


JimK said...

Don't fergit the looove
of sweet Cheeese-Sauce!

Mike H said...

I never forget that. If you met me you'd realize that upon seeing me.

JimK said...

cheese-sauce of nazerith!
"..crazy with the cheez wiz"-Beck

Mike H said...

Don't skimp on the... etc. A tricky concept.

Robert J. said...

i love when you say "etc." mike.

it makes me "wet"

Robert J. said...


you just commented on my blog the same time i just made that comment.

"whoa." -- joey lawrence