Friday, February 29, 2008

This Electronica Album

makes me feel all

dark and windy

and gooey inside

like Roger Moore

on a hot day during

the filming of “Man-a-Skin”

my legs become all

treacherous and

wonderful foot filling

my teeth ring

against dead friends’

memory bop

mm-bop as

the wind changes


in the middle of

“The Tiny Tim

Wedding” rehearsal :)

laid out like

sticks in the wood

from the rustic

repeated thrusts

of the sunset

nightmarish gravity

of the outsourced

Chinese hiccup

learning Menudo

in the cheap

garish sunshine

of someone’s video

makes me tum

te tum all

over your car floor


JimK said...

mm-yeah! It rings just right.

Well-balanced food fight.
A bit much on the vertical,
but blogger makes it too much
or too little.

"Mike Hauser sometimes has
an uncanny way of welding
bulbous and spangled cultural
scrap into a Twee Dali totem
riffnosphere, like Winnie the
Pooh and Charles Manson
mud wrestling" --Jim K.

Dustin said...


Mike H said...

No not any particular one.