Tuesday, February 12, 2008


throw down wikipedia, blushing gauntlet
a window of skittles covered in rain

a window of skittles covered in snow
this makes you, the proletariate, feel nefarious

crazy lung excercise learned in tibetan sweatshop
ok the drug drags maybe learn luddism

the look-up style gap well-informed
heavily document thusly paternables’

lilting quench-a-saurous, quench-a-pedia
learn like lovers do, subtract the cold

subtract the burrito, subtract pavel bure
from the field, grow a pair

link to this well-shoveled stylishly
quaffed blog as a learned redundancy

a hazy one-act being as we know
a hazy conjunction of villains

stomp-a-pedia lovelorn lady
writes viciously, reads tenderly

whole oligarchy or potato wall
sundried blush hovering in the hall

winona ryder is pissed, sunkist, starkist.


Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

Dude, a Pavel Bure reference?!?! Amazing!!! I'm speechless!

JimK said...

Love the sounding, and the
multi-attachment slicing and
dicing analytics are played
just so...not under, not over.
You were on a roll!
Skittles not pivotal, but fit
well. You ain't done with them
yet, OK?

Mike H said...

I'm on 15 of these I think. It's cool just because I thought well maybe I'm done with poetry and now it's like well maybe not...

JimK said...

I know the feeling.
Where does the wind for
something new come from?
I still don't know. Maybe
some back burners get heat
when you quit the front ones.