Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mike Hauser/Weldon Hunter
Saturday June 23 7pm
at Woodland Pattern Book Center
720 E Locust St, Milwaukee

"Hauser's manic hoo-ha has left us all a little disgusted at times... Cocksure yet demurely Al B Sure when oppurtunity knocks, he can bring home the wet t-shirts when it's crunch time. Take a ticket. Get drunk beforehand. Bring your own slide whistle."

--Rufus T. Firefly, International Player

"Since Hunter's ejection from Major League Bowling, he has shown us that one can and should go too far when pursuing sweet sweet bay marie. Where his poetry is lacking in gumption it is chockfull of the kind of lyric roughshod Welsh Corgies are awoken from nightmares by."

--Captain Jeffrey Spaulding, African Explorer


Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

I'll be there! Mostly because I'm Weldon Hunter!

gina said...

I wish I could be there!