Thursday, October 02, 2008

Scouting a location for my infamous "Marin Tinkle" in March of 2003.

(courtesy: David Dannenblog's design skills and bottomless well of humor)


Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

I would so like to write an article for this publication. But what about poo-ing? Separate magazine?

JimK said...

That's cool. The visionary
hand-to-brow puts it all together.
But who is Uri?
Hard to come up with a clever
poo-mag name. "Bolus" has a nice
business sound. "Movement" is
very political. "Toot Fini"?

David J. said...

The sister publication to UriNation was FecesWeek, which was more of an industry trade publication than a lifestyle magazine. Both titles were sold to Condé Nast, who unfortunately drove both publications into the ground.