Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I need your sponsorship in the Woodland Pattern poetry marathon and benefit. This would benefit one of the greatest bookstores in the country. Though no amount is too small, 35 bucks is nice and generous. This is an opportunity for you too! For I will write a love poem, yes, a love poem, for whomever so chooses to engage in sponsorship! Or if that makes you uncomfortable, it can be something of your choosing. I'll try not to break up any marriages or burden anyone with a burgeoning Hauser-obsession but I can't make any promises. Like John Candy's tail in the movie Spaceballs, the poetry tends to have a mind of it's own.

And here is a copy of the pledge sheet and a link to the event. They're asking for the pledges by the 26th. And as always I'm at


Karl Saffran said...

I'm in for $5.

I want a love poem. Graphic.

Mike Hauser said...

Graphic and grisly.