Thursday, July 15, 2010


I read in the car
to the left and right of other things.
To see among the active hotsy-totsy levels:
taco bell, hugs, smoothies, naps.
To see conviction, yes girls, in among other things, turn
the hilly labyrinth lengthwise back down
numerous death-clown-telethons of severe travel
tip and lock jaw flows
in. We’re now seeing static visions forward.

Jack woke up in a group photo, a tiny
clown tickling his severe chin, the scrape of it
released as an arbitrary fungus. I feel lost in your
stanzas. I’m trying to write one word at a thyme.
Took a group photo for couch-lining, the oceans splenda
everything in sight. This tour is not some great radar
implants mirror, the teen nodded. The bird may indeed
holster too much yucca root. The Seeker made her discussion
from the thoughts of boys yammering teleportation
through Mike Hauser’s gift card track record.

Hauser tramped on, rude to all shoppers, ready to
scare the carp out of the rick-rolling motion sick
smoothies who called themselves the Detroit Loins.

The comp’d bing in Ashton’s trunk stems
Charlotte’s, Jamie’s, Bee’s
:o) What color is your room?: blue. How old is your mom?:
wail ply ind end bind tlle tulle siek seek sickness sickness sine onsets
at play.

They both soon helped slamming the door
to finish to smile teen-style
disdainful | contempt batter of egg & some pills
in funky peace!

I really thought Danny Devito
should’ve had Joe Pesci’s role
in Good Fellas.


All the conspiracy theories like long flowing threshers
wouldn't know Fran Drescher
if she shat on their face. Why would you know Fran
Drescher's shit from any other?

How many mind-fuckingly hard-to-locate
g-spots are in here. My head is all turned like
some celebrities carcass of an ethics board turnstile macaroni
bump-a-da-hump. But like I said, as for water --bring it!-- 'n I'll
bring the musical RSD instructors &
super-rich cheddar cheese sauce.

After a tense software download the light starts to filter in.
Where one long rhetorical thread emanated from the speakers
like cashed-out waffle hinges in disguised crude.
I can talk some smack so to soak up the bread, burn the butter-churn,
take that damn money out for some wealth creation.