Saturday, May 19, 2007

Master Class: Mike Hauser Eats a Bag of Chips

This master class will consist of a captive audience looking on as Mike Hauser eats an entire bag of chips. It will last until Mike is finished with the bag, and feels ready to get up and walk around. He will intermittently speak about topics as diverse as Joseph Ceravolo, couches, how as a boy he was forced to play softball, Cinemax, masturbation habits, and how he believes that dogs' thought processes consist mostly of picturing variously colored balloons ascending. Mike may vomit several times during this master class. The cost to register is 25 dollars.


Karl said...

If Mike Hauser will wash the bag of chips down with a liter of grape soda, you can cash my check right now.

Robert J said...

I like the idea of "washing things down."

Will this master class be followed by a book party in your room?

Mike H said...

In my pants.

David J. said...

If you change "Bag of Chips" to "Canister of Pringles™" you'll amaze and delight people who are already sick of bag-chip grease stains.

But then again, that may fundamentally change your methods of pedagogy.

Heck of a job, Brownie.