Friday, July 06, 2007

Time for me to write about The Tiny, which I'm in, but never mind that. This is the only magazine I can think of where in every issue I like almost every piece at least a little. And Gina Myers and Gabriella Torres hit a home run by placing John Coletti's amazing work up front:

I miss you with tomatoes

over your eyes tattoed valentines

on your trachea zippering

each of my ungainly comments

Just about every Coletti masterwork blows my head off with a nonchalant cosmic whoosh. Detail woven with sensory perception, joined to a kind of emotional pull that's stitched into it so intricately you almost feel it on a subconscious level.

it's getting dark

in masculine wilderness

American Hydrant

little high, little low

Coletti's work never shys away from apparent obscurity, but the ink-blotter feel of the poem is always a product of devotion. A reader can feel as though they're in strange territory, but it is never unfreindly territory. Obliqueness need not be a cold thing, and one can see Malkmus, Ceravolo, Dickinson etc, for further proof.

C.J. Martin's poem here does a neat job of addressing the act of making art, without seperating art from life:

else than mechanical draft,
if to increase the between
(touch & thing):
this means drafts, chances.

I'm very allured by passages like this, which almost combine the sensiblities of Emily Dickinson and early Clark Coolidge. And The Tiny specializes in this kind of modern lyric steez.

Also great in this issue is work by Edmund Berrigan, Joseph Massey, Brenda Iijima, Andrea Baker, Dustin Williamson, many more. The Tiny is a contender. Dig it!

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