Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tom Petty

Why do people listen to Tom Petty?


Jordan said...

The strength of the singles from his first three albums?

Dave Stewart completism?

Stalking the surviving Wilburys?

Have really deep talking voices and they want to figure out how to have really high singing voices?

Radio broke stuck on Jack FM?

Chip in brain/schizo?

Petty rescued them as a puppy/kitty/chick and now they're fucking imprinted?

They *do* have to live like a refugee?

Mike H said...

I know someone who has conducted Tom Petty campfire singalongs. I'm personally glad I wasn't present, as I'd probably have made an ass of myself. I just can't handle the Tom Petty Otherness!

Rod said...

Why do people listen to Tom Petty?

I blame the suburbs.

Mike H said...

I blame his hair for the suburbs, and an as yet unknown Suck Compound for his hair.