Monday, March 24, 2008

Some Vibes I Give Off

-post muzak distillation



-blanched off/downbeat

-platters of dumb yum

-milk of amnesia

-glorious spoon concupissance

-genial climate change, Alex Trebek breath or No quarter


-facelift of animal magnetism

-Aphex Twin politeness

-no diggity

-magic carpetride

-Morris Day on vicodin drip

-literal John Cage

-fat Warhol

-fat David Bowie as Warhol

-never been touched/show me love

-mostly harmless Phil Spector

-Phil Whalen frustration

-the Rite Aid mints

My vibes might come at least partly from Pop Culture. Which is inherently seedy, and in the mind, inherently fecund and feral.

It's at least half-inherent. Focused outward too, tho at a genial-refraction rate of 10.7 to 55.88, they can be more like high-pressure and low-pressure systems mingling. From time to time they're even formally rigorous. These are the challenging days. And finding a form for the form of them.

think: let even that
inorganic tiny hair
go it's myriad ways

already futuristic
fossils of The Beach Boys

let those vibes
clink together
til din


JimK said...

..would the Ramones
agree on Phil?

Mike H said...

Probably not.

Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

You forgot "Smashmouth Rager"

Mike H said...

Yeah I left some out, such as constipated linebacker, flirtatious Ditka, Disney desert storm and wombat wiener.

Mike H said...

Wait, Jim, were you talking about Phil Spector or Whalen? Cuz if The Ramones had read Phil Whalen, well that would have changed the whole course of "rock history".

JimK said...

heh...I mean when Phil
Spector allegedly threatened
the Ramones with a gun to
make them do their
pap/wall-o-sound recordings.