Monday, April 07, 2008

Beach House

I'm really liking this band, uh, Beach House. Uh yeah, they're good, ooh especially that song Turtle Island, like makes me all soft and gooey inside, and that reminds me I have to do a wash. And even though that sentence makes it sound like, oh never mind.

It's just the basket with fresh laundry is getting heavily outnumbered, that's all.

My favorite Beach House songs though, and I haven't heard that many yet, would have to be Astronaut and Turtle Island. Yes, good late-night listening, in a way similar to Blue Skied An' Clear, a Slowdive song I downloaded a couple weeks ago.

Their cover of Some Things Last A Long Time is pretty good. I kind of want them to cover Father Figure by George Michael. No wait, I want to cover Father Figure by George Michael.

Victoria Legrand has a voice that makes me wanna do a wash. In fact it makes me wanna be a wash, be in the wash, or take a bubble bath and pretend that it is some kind of oceanic laundry cycle, in the ocean. Anyway its very pretty and it sneaks up on you. And the last few cooey seconds of Turtle Island remind me, as if I could've forgotten, man, it's really time to do a load of wash. That's laundry's piling up and I don't seem to care.

Hopefully somewhere Karl Saffran is smiling.


JimK said... samples
But "Devotion" has samples.
The space-out is really
wavy, and the sparse-with-chimes
nightclub-echo thing is cool.
"You came to me" has her voice
plus-plus, and Gila is dizzying.
They have Turtle Island on it..
..very dreamed. Nitrous carnival.
Then they do 3 that get too
sing-songy w/inflections, and
then finish really strong and
gone again.
About 6 instant-likes, 3 of them
"whoa". Good haul!

andy mr. said...

I like the new Beach House record a lot.

JimK said...

Pilgrimage to the
stony beach today,
LeGrand in the fog.
Washed, washed.

JimK said...

Watched video for
Heart of Chambers 7 times.
You take the laundry basket,
I'll take the shopping cart.