Saturday, July 26, 2008

Abraham Lincoln’s Uncircumcised Penis

too much of a Metalica urethra, though
to really matter;

We had the delicious cherries of Door County
sloshing around our Vicodin suppositories.

let’s face it: The only Joni Mitchell in town.

Zapping various organs along the

county line artifice;

a clown’s head got big and
we had to act.

Now there was a new Joni Mitchell in town
reeling down the grocery aisles
a real adventure in subterranean living;

and a lesson in bifurcated government forms
a subtle rash along the pubic area.

Hand dribbling or Corpus Christi luxuriating
outward of the orange turnstile’s
dilapidary code;

coffee cups atop benches
with overpraised vocal chords etc.

When etcetera means instant boner

for the new Chief of the boner patrol,
an ebony Joni Mitchell.

And perforated oceans won’t stop us...

our own love might though, it’s on the way,
but the perforated oceans, with their

or gloom in the form of snail pie...

prob'ly not.

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JimK said...

would be cool at a reading