Sunday, July 20, 2008

After Lisa Jarnot and George Michael

I think there’s something you should know
I think there’s a shadow over your face
from the sweater-print I think it’s time
I told you so

I think that all we have to do now is take
these lies and make them true and make these dreams
into transactions of faith and make these wishes
closer to you and better by me and wish for
the transmutation of the sweater to tell us

something beautiful about the weather at the zoo
and the fashion show and
something beautiful about the weather
in Air Force One and the weather on the tarmac
and the sun which leans in to confide

it’s thoughts about box office records
and quilting in the south and laughter on the fringe

the mania of thus on city buses
feels like the road to heaven looks like
the road to hell and thus the failure
to make us laugh or make us dance
our failure to quilt and sing and
make love in otherwise unorthodox ways

that logs on and simultaneously out
I think I’m back down to earth on this
I think we’re through with singing in the rain
I think there’s someone with a transfer
I think we better ask somebody


JimK said...

speaks to the posthypnotic
trailer neocon huffing-binge
tazing and its soggy after-hanging

and it's cool

Mike Hauser said...