Saturday, May 23, 2009

Get To Know Sprung Formal

This shit just makes me feel lucky, almost makes me feel paranoid, but in a good tingly way. I can't wait for my copy of Sprung Formal to arrive. I'm being a little impatient, I know. Actually I don't think I've gotten mail for like the last 3 days. Is that weird? Should I call the post office or something? But once again, you get such a fine assemblage of poets, writers and artist-type persons as Eirikur Orn Norodahl, Josef Kaplan, Brandon Brown, Alli Warren, Jasper Bernes, David Perry, Kari Frietag, Todd Colby, Sarah Luther, Linda Lay, Sarah Sarai, Nada Gordon, Sawako Nakayasu, Jordan Stempleman, Ryan Daley, Nathan Logan, Edwin Torres, James Meetze, Sarah Mangold, Alex Savage, Maurice Burford, Jess Rowan, Charlie Mylie, and in the mix you also get some stuff I did. You know this is gonna be good.


mister jim said...

That looks pretty slick..
..they have samples somewhere?

Mike Hauser said...

I don't think so but I'm sure most of the authors have work online somewhere. But if you order it, Jim, I guarantee you will enjoy it.

Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

Geez man, getting published much?

P.S. That's awesome!

Mike Hauser said...

P-shaw. They're some friendly folks around the web. And you should be getting published alot more my friend!