Friday, May 29, 2009

Riders On The Blogs

Today I got up and opened my window and it was very beautiful outside. It was mild with a slight breeze.

I'm currently reading Silliman's Under. Like many other Silliman texts, it's kind of a narrative whirlwind/pool of keen particulates and wending detail-- kind of like a steadily tornado-ing text. He's always cited composers like Reich as an influence. In the reading of it, I find I get tricked by what seem to be 'personal' details strewn among details that seem clearly to not be 'personal' details. But the aesthetic is that it's all personal and that nothing is personal hence, no? Holding The Alphabet is kind of a nice hardy pleasure all it's own. Some of the daunting prospect of it's near Yellow Pages thickness is removed when you realize you have your whole life to read the book.

I must say I don't really get this new 'shitgaze' stuff. Alot of it just sounds to me like music that's so intentionally oblique and unintelligible as to be almost a forceful projection of jaded resignation, rather than say anger, fear, joy, lust... I mean music can be a vessel for a whole lot of emotions, come to think of it all emotions at various points, if that makes any sense. Apart from shitgaze, alot of Indie Rock seems to rely on this a-priori sense of a personal, solitary experience, a shared experience but shared in seperate spaces with pockets of media and groups of people; music that generates a vague projection of the experience of, well, growing up middle class and white.

I do like alot of lo fi stuff. Who knows maybe I'll change my mind in a couple months. And I grew up middle class and white. I love Pavement, Guided By Voices etc. So I may just be recognizing all that in my self.

Probably one of the reasons I wouldn't make for much of a music critic is that (besides really probably my almost compulsive like compulsory use of qualifiers in my own prose) I don't see any reason to take a position on most music in the pop realm. Though I guess I did do that in the paragraphs above.

Today I'm blogging but this may be just another prelude to another long silence. Who knows?

My own prose is a source of constant frustration for me. I post things here that I cringe at almost immediately after and have to force myself not to take down. A poetry blog like I once did might be more suitable, who knows. But I feel kinda like I already did that. Yeah they're still there, feel free to peruse.

Update: There's a pretty good chance I had a booger in my mustache the entire time I was asking my building manager whether he thinks the postal carrier would take outgoing Netflix just now.


mister jim said...

At least the shoegazers have a

N/C on the Emperor again. uuuh

Saying things is a needed part
of thinking things, I think. A
lot of people don't, or they are
too careful, and their thought
drowns in a mudslide of junk,
thrashing, gasping in indecision.
I have wished I didn't say things,
and people have copped a permanent
attitude based on dust, but what
can you do? Playing tricks and
hiding between shows is a miserable kind of corrosion.
Yes, keep talking, your ropes will
fray less.

Whatever that was (?), I said it.

Mike Hauser said...

Jim, I think you're probably right on that.

Teppichfesser Press said...

I hear ya Mike. I mainly use the blog I have to talk about the things I publish and not much else. Sort of a cheap and ineffective add campaign or a whatever. If I had to write a blog which featured my thoughts it would have to include the one I'm having now of a show remake idea: "The 'Hesh' Prince of Bel Aire". This idea would be worked out over the course of several postings only to give way to my original blog idea of casting the current roster of Brewers in a Korean War saga for HBO.
This is what a blog of my thoughts would be like. By not being a very good blogger I may be doing man-kind a service.

Mike Hauser said...

Keith, no!