Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Poems
by Mike Hauser

single black portable CD player playing "Hot Blooded" out of an open 1st floor window onto an empty sidewalk


Two Questions

Who the fuck are these people?

Am I going the right way?


Personal Poem

Coldplay song playing

in the laundromat.

There's just me &

another guy in this


And that song

what the fuck's it called?

"Spinners"? "Engine"? "Crops"?

"Archer Daniels Midland"?

"I Heart Monsanto"?

It's the one my mom

really likes, and other people

I know who I think like it

would love to hear it right now,

and then, oh great!, I think I like

it too! And yet, and yet

I feel kind of like

violated by it.

Like this Coldplay song,

whose title I can't remember,

and that is playing in the laundromat

where just me and this guy are waiting

for our clothes,

it's like it's not just

moving me, but,

moving me.


guy in car
makes pecking motion
while turning left
and telling off
guy in other car


It always sounds to me like the guy in Nickelback should see a doctor.

(Yeah, Ear Nose And Throat Doctor!)



I feel like there should be an HBO series about Journey's career.


"can you hear me runnin?"

Are we supposed to take this literally?

Like, are we supposed to hear the singer's shoes?


Hey Karl

some guy named Ronald wants to talk to you.

1 comment:

Teppichfesser Press said...

3 possible comments

1) I too am often moved by change the station! ZING!

2) Was it Clocks? That song makes me want to drive an Audi (or some sort of imported car) on a country road at night while a shitload of lightening bugs float up into the gay gay stars.

3) for a moment it was: Personal Poem Pizza