Thursday, July 09, 2009

Zack's apartment, where Zack films me while I demonstrate such dances sweeping the nation as:

The Jaywalk
The Noodle
The Princeton Ponce
The Sidewinder
The Big Unit
The Lil Sneeze
The Tired Houdini
The Filibuster
The Rump Rumination (slow simmer)
The Doleful Booty
The Let's Not Tell Roger Daltry We're Partying Over Here
The Funnel Cake
The Carpet Roller
The Tarp Trot
The No Money Down
The Grape
The Greek Translation
The Gifter
The Platonic Introducer
The Pancake Flip
The Caterpillar Kip
The Wan Wiggle (cough syrup)
The Ask Me No Questions I Tell You No Lies
The Civil War Enactment
The Grant Proposal
The How Did I Get Here
The Bruce Dern
The Put Away
The Buffet Breakdown
The Janesville Jumping Jack
The Lord Of The Prance
The Snorkel
The Unsolicited
The Cake Tease


David J. said...

I'm a fan of The Platonic Introducer and The Greek Translation. Perhaps there will be room in the future for:

The Panamanian Mania
The Instant Sacajawea
The Pinched Grandpa
The New and Improved Fog
The Outstanding Also Baby

Mike Hauser said...

I like The Pinched Grandpa.

Mike Hauser said...

You can cut a rug, if I remember correctly.