Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Before I was into poetry, I was a music person and for better or worse, read alot of Spin Magazine. In one issue, there was a review of two books of poetry; one I can't remember and the other, Decoy by Elaine Equi. I read the review and went and bought the book, basicly based off the fact that the author (Joshua Clover? he wrote for Spin sometimes) compared her poetry to Aphex Twin. Now that I'm familiar with both artists' work, and have read alot more poetry, I'm not sure how well the comparison holds up. Maybe. I don't know. But does anyone remember this? Probably the only time a once important music magazine ever mentioned poetry, besides Byron Coley writing about Ginsberg.


jane said...

Wasn't me. I did review a couple books of poetry for Spin -- Michael Palmer, Jewel, David Bernstein -- but not Elaine.



richard lopez said...

don't know if that quite matches the comparison between equi and aphex twin. but i'd be flattered if someone would compare my poems to the sounds of fatboy slim.

spin has done a few poet spreads. the late thom gunn had a 1-page profile when his collected was published. which i think tickled him to no end.

good reading yr blog. i also have a short attention span which probably attracts me to poetry too. looked for yr email address but couldn't find it. back-channel me. i'd love to send you my most recent chap, if you want a copy.