Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm constantly thinking about how I measure my life against others' lives. I get into the habit of thinking that some people 'have it better' than I do. And all this really does is set up a dichotomy whereby I look at my life as shitty. Indeed, worrying about one's 'lot in life' to an excessive degree leads one to become very self-absorbed. But in the first sentence there's an indication of meta-measuring- measuring how much I measure my life against others' lives. Because I realize what this does and don't like it.


uncle wiggle said...

What happens and how we feel about it (despite the myth of "objectivity" the sciences and
philosophers have left us to gnaw on and reconcile with)
is unavoidable. Journals are for these things. Just don't let other
poeple's myth of how you are supposed to act in "the real world"
make you feel like you are in some
vortex or something. Art sticks around.

You are really great at writing terse asides and insights on books and anecdotes on people and things that happen. I want more of these!
How about something on Robert Thomas' poems (the copies you have) from the last couple years!
Or Colletti's gems?
Do you take requests?

Mike H said...

Yeah I'm starting to emit some serious EMO B.O. EMO O' my pants are falling. I bet John Coletti owns a slide whistle. I hope he does...

sandrasimonds said...

i love you