Friday, February 23, 2007

Can anyone tell me what 'torque' is? I have an idea. But I've heard the word 'torque' used in reference, usually in a sort hushed, terrified tone, such as the "Beware the 'torque' of a poem by so and so" (fill in poet). Is it referring to a poem one can easily lose control of? Like have you had to use a rotary scrubber ever? With a black (most abrasive color) pad? And it veers violently into the wall, at first, until you get it down. The other night I saw Jackass #2. I know critics are starting to warm up to Jackass, making it possibly one of those 'anti-movies'. The other night at Pick n Save I told Zack he should try the 'anti-pasta'. I don't know if there is anything particularly iconoclastic about this pasta, like if it's the Lenny Bruce or GG Allin or Kathy Acker of pastas. The GG Allin pasta would just be made out of poop. That's a no-brainer. Anti-brainer. But 'torque', maybe it would be like the Firehose Rodeo stunt in Jackass #2. I kind of like the idea of a poem as farmer-blow. And I think it would keeping with the Outrider Tradition, which I place myself in, firmly. Charles Olson is not giving me enough room on the couch. O, and a band called Tough Lesson. Kind of like those Scared Straight specials, only Indie Rock. But wait there's already been plenty of Straight Edge.

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