Monday, March 26, 2007

Last night I had a dream that I was with a person I have a crush on. We were talking. And at one point, we walked under some scaffolding and on some planks, in downtown West Bend near the theater. Of course I'm filling in some gaps. I was saying how if I were a manager of performers, all of my clients would be 'freak acts' or 'noise acts'. It was a really pleasant conversation. I don't remember what she was saying, but she was speaking in a very casual and friendly way. I sensed, at some point, that her boyfriend was nearby. I had another dream about another woman who I have somewhat less of a crush on, last week or so. We were supposed to meet at the Taco Bell on Paradise Drive in West Bend. For some reason, this was where this person, who had never been to Wisconsin before, wanted to meet me. I was there alone, waiting for her, when a short man who looked much older than he actually was, explained why everyone had to leave Taco Bell immediately. He was pretty cool about it, tho. It wasn't like closing time at The Foundation.


The first dream reminded of how I watched The Science of Sleep last week. For reasons I can't quite articulate, I was really bugged by it. But (I guess if you don't want the ending spoiled then you should STOP READING) the ending has the the man's wishes unrequited. And the person I had the first dream about is someone I will probably never even meet, not anytime in the forseeable future anyway. So I'm thinking about the message of that film's ending. Basicly, sometimes you can get what you want only in dreams.

But dreams aren't reality. And I'm not sexy.


So much for 'mind your own business', I guess. I don't think I really meant that anyway. I do think people should share. But I also think they should consider the implications of that.


Last week, I was reading Lester Bangs. He's still one of my favorite writers. I was kind of shocked tho, when I realized that the person who wrote this, I think it might have been 'James Taylor Marked For Death', was 22 years old. I've always read Lester as an elder, toddling the reader on his brilliant knee. He did kind of assume that role in his writing tho, especially in a piece like Psychotic Reactions and Carbuerator Dung. That piece begins with his addressing the reader as a group of his grandchildren, then traveling through the present into the future, for a retrospective on The Count Five, who had a minor but influential hit with 'Psychotic Reaction'.

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