Friday, March 23, 2007

What do we think of the idear of something being 'None of your business'? I think it's underrated. Or at least that it could be applied liberally to many of the poet blogs. Not least my own. Its the problem of feeling like one is at a big, disembodied bar/social gathering, jarring against the prospect of instantly publishing something. And something about that disembodied, social aspect makes one say things they would normally only to say to strangers when they were drunk. Maybe some do post drunk. I can't, or rather don't, since the computer lab would be a mighty awful place while one was drunk.

A blog post has the potential to be more widely and instantly read than any book. Not that I wanna start to sound like Time or John Stossel, or the guy who traps sexual predators on Dateline, mewling about the dangers of the Internet.


And everyone should hear this album sooner than later. And yes I heard it before the Pitchfork props came. It is joyful and somewhat unassuming. Sort of has the time/space scheme of a DJ mix. The CD booklet is filled with beautiful collages, which I look at while listening.

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Joseph said...

I love Person Pitch.