Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"The breast milk is whiter than the evening shade."

(This is from an episode of the early 1990s sitcom Evening Shade where I appear as Arkansas' Poet Laureate, reading The Autobiography of Alan Alda to the entire cast to mark the occasion of the show's 100th episode. Burt told me afterward that he doesn't usually like poetry readings but he would be checking out some more of my stuff. Later that night he, Marilu Henner and I were joined by Tom Bosley at local watering-hole Hank's Room (owned by then Home Run King, Hank Aaron). I hadn't seen Tom since our days at Iowa teaching workshops with the likes of Jimmy Wright and Phil Roth. This appearance was an important step in my climb to the top of the poetry world.)


JimK said...

Great poem.
That Bert dude gives me the hives.
Marilu makes me feel funny,
like when I climb a rope in
Gym class. It's the smile.

Mike H said...

I actually imagined this to be a caption from my made-up autobiography, but I'm glad you like it.

JimK said...

Heh...yup. If it's Arkansas
you could get some Bill-revenge
action with Hillary. Your imagination
has both good taste and bad.
A Yin-Yang balance, in a dryer.