Thursday, December 13, 2007

I was going to blog about "The Menards Guy", but really what can you say. So here he is.


JimK said...

One of those is Eddie Albert.
I think...a more dynamic look.
Black ninja suit and caulking
guns akimbo.

Dustin said...

What can you say: "Save big money at Menards."

zdpieper said...

never noticed it before, but
he looks like a Incredible Hulk
version of John Ashbery.

The Ashbery that is the
narrator of his poems!

JimK said...

An accident with gamma rays
after a self-portrait in a
convex mirror, and suddenly
it's Ashbery's double-wide
doppelganger, marked down
with nicks and dings.

Mike H said...

I would very much like to hear The Menards Guy read The Skaters.

David J. said...

Best... Post... Ever!

Too bad there aren't any of the pictures here where he cleaves a baby in two with his front teeth.

Mike H said...

I didn't notice it right away but the second photo down kind of looks like a signed picture addressed to me. I wish. To have something like a Paul Joseph headshot, with the words "Mike I miss you."

Mike H said...

The most disturbing photo is below however, with The Menards Guy buffeted by a black umbrella and an orange balloon, adressing what looks like a classroom full of children.

Mike H said...

Actually there's a napkin holder there too, so I'm stumped as to where he is.