Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I can't think of anything positive to write. I need help. Commision me to write a poem


Karl Saffran said...

Write a manifesto in ten lines from the POV of the first ten poets you think of.

It'll be like Kent's Epigram book, but, you know, not.

Karl Saffran said...

Although that probably wouldn't have the positivity you were looking for.

andy mr. said...

Hey Mike, I want to know what your favorite albums of the year were. Have you heard that Shocking Pinks album on DFA? It's really great, very lo-fi kiwi pop. Why don't more mofos make records like that?

Dustin said...

I only like music that is so lo-fi that it was recorded on a cell phone in a porti-poti next to the Miller Oasis at Summerfest while Third Eye Blind was playing.

Mike H said...

I only like Third Eye Blind when I'm sitting in a porta-potty with a homeless person who is so lo-fi he is like grungy.

Mike H said...

I like listening to Times New Viking with Portia de Rossi.

Dustin said...

I like watching the Minnesota Vikings through a bottle of Carlo Rossi.

zdpieper said...

Write something, um,
sarcastic, ironic, and um,
what's the other one...

oh yeah. syntax. put that
in there.

oh yeah. & also Serious
about how america is
fucked up and shit.

No... instead write about
Gus Genorski & Ron Padgett
inspecting a house which
may or may not have faulty