Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I've noticed that in trying not to make sense, certain words keep showing up like "ratio" "cornicopia" "trunk" and "dean's list".


zdpieper said...

certain words lodge deep for some
reason doesn't it seem
doesn't it seem?

so many of my own crappy early poems
I find mentioning "windows" or a
single window framing

I clear my head as hard as I can
and no matter what
I hear "windows"

maybe its the supreme product ("personal symbol")slowly
hardwired into infant brain

maybe because everything seems like
a vast system of fames
interlocking hollow contexts
trivia, therapy, placebo, ect?

neat little frames to look out
of onto a
private insight?

here's a wierd idea:
a picture is bad, we become good
a picture is good, we become bad

this picture appears with the help
of windows

I got windows
where I don't
even want em


zdpieper said...

ratio cornicopia trunk dean's list


they all feel like "autumn" words

Mike H said...

Also fiduciary terms, so I'm either a closet Marxist or closet Investment Banker.

Robert J. said...

ectoplasmic reticulum



turtly buoy


back the Pack

carpel tunnel

car pal iTune
Nell, starring Jodie Foster

cobble dope eyeball

cousin Doby

the colored man ask her to be his wife