Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lately I'm getting peeved at people who don't dress for the weather. Last night, ok the temp did drop 30-something degrees in 12 hours but still, that's your springtime frat boy outfit, you have to winterize your frat boy ecoutrement for January bro! Don't wear a Vols cap and spring jacket.

And maybe since I last posted, I've become the type of person who blogs about spring jackets and scolds underdressd young people.

This past weekend it was wonderful to see Robert J. Baumann, who brought with him fellow Kansans (is that right?) Robert Knapp, Gabe Holcombe and Chloe Jones for Woody P marathon. Highlights included Baumann's Miranda July soul-fantasy, Karl Saffran's Maximus remixes, and Karl Gartung putting me in my place by reminding me "you should never take WCW in vain". Because just prior to that I'd been shaking my fist at the ceiling screaming "Damn you Williams! Damn you to hell!" Also there was me asking how I'm supposed stir a very hot beverage with no a stick and Chuck replying "convection".


Dustin said...

Sounds like I missed everything!

It was suggested this weekend at Jess Mynes's house that I have a child and name it William Carlos Williamson.

Mike H said...

But then what are you going to do when the child has a sex change and becomes Wendy Carlos Williamson?

Robert J. said...

Carlozo Carlos Binkison: Clown.

Post marathon highlights include Mike H. saying, "What if boxers turned into pandas bears when they got hit a certain amount of times . . . pandas or Bob Newhart?"