Friday, January 04, 2008

That reminds of my short stint on Empty Nest, a sort of reprise of the Trendee McDonaghee character. Only this time the character was named Chazzie. Apparently Nest creator Susan Harris had seen the erotic cake episode of Night Court and been pretty impressed with my work. So she called to say she'd written this part for me, a performance artist/provocateur who was briefly in a relationship with the character of Officer Barbara Weston, and also whom no retired doctor in his right mind would want near one of his daughters. Among Chazzie's shenanigans was standing in front of a local Arby's and rapping the menu, wearing a fake gerri-curl and a large sign that said No Blood For Schmoil. At the conclusion of that episode Chazzie is arrested by an understandably mortified Officer Weston.

As time went on however, they found they had increasing difficulty distinguishing my "space cadet" from that of David Leisure's over-sexed neighbor Charley Deitz, and after about 4 episodes had my character ship off to Poland to stalk Lech Walensa.

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JimK said...

Might be Lech Walesa.
How about Rula Lenska?