Saturday, June 28, 2008

How To Be Lazy Writing About Poetics

Is there an alienation effect in the company of poets?

In other words, should a poet not be "chummy" with their audience? Making it all a little inside? A little too inside?

A little tutu aboard a whaling ship?

Poets should probably talk to their audience without assumptions. But don't assume we don't know who Jack Spicer is jack-ass! And conversely, Don't assume we know who Jack Spicer is jack-ass!

Just explain who Jack Spicer is and then say, 'y' know... Jack Spicer' And be prepared for Jack Spicer to stop talking to you.

The audience does not want to see the poet talking to other poets, they want to see the poet talking to other poets.

Like, flip it around on em. Yeah, and since you're using a whole bunch of words I don't understand, I'm gonna go ahead and take that as an insult.

This is directed at anyone where I've ever woken with their hand in my pants, when it should be in my poems. This is implicated in my style. It is an assumed Spicerian eye-roll. On a Spicerian California roll.

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