Thursday, June 12, 2008

Out of Pocket

I been hangin around

without the exact change

in the orbit of what

to lay down

around and in

money troubles being

a close second

within 2/3 of ecstatic


just the waiting for

who cares how many

really desperate postal workers

to deliver issue

3 of TIGHT

to my door starring

me and Lisa Jarnot

dodging the weather cells

and drinking the drinks

with specially made shoes

to bump up trouble

by losing thoughts

to the mumbling of

the corrupt referee

who comes around again

having lost alot of money

on the lilacs in spring


JimK said...

like it, like it

Dustin said...

For some reason I read the title as "Out of Podcasts"...which actually sums up my working life.

Mike Hauser said...

And now I'm picturing you holding the inside-out fabric from each pants pocket and shrugging. I actually got that title-phrase from The Wire.