Monday, June 16, 2008

Segway Invite

lets go rent segways
and act all badass

insulting my credit debt and such
as we look over our shoulders

checking for the cops
and for my loan officers

the whole while snorting lines
from The Godfather

such as “You talkin to me!”
“Attica!” “Who is your

daddy and what does he do?”
You know em all and

you can recite them all
but only to geese because

these geese are tripping balls
and you know that in this state

in front of anyone else
You lose your composure

You start sweating, comparing Kenneth
Koch with “duende”

and I have to warn you again
not to go around doing that in front

of the bigshots at the Universitay.


Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

Clear the building!

JimK said...

a segway will
crunch the credit line
for sure

kevin.thurston said...

General Ike Hauser, I love you and promise to continue wearing t-shirts that you think you cannot.

Mike Hauser said...

You promise to keep wearing t-shirts that think I cannot wear t-shirts? Or t- shirts that I don't think can wear t-shirts?

I love you too.

kevin.thurston said...

either way, and perhaps ways not even currently discussed, as long as the love continues.