Thursday, November 20, 2008

I was told today my building has "The Cadillac" of heating systems. So maybe this could be another incentive for members of the opposite gender to visit my apartment. My last apartment, I dunno, "The Hyundai" of heating systems? I'm just happy this one's an automatic.


David J. said...

The "Cadillac" of heating systems? Your heating system is soon to be bankrupted?

By the way ladies, you should be visiting Mike's apartment anyway - he's got Hawaiian Punch on tap, and a pantry that's been stocked like a Mormon doomsday shelter.

sandrasimonds said...

Here's my address

2128 corinne st
tallahassee, fl

can't wait to read it......oh any color you want.


David said...

The heating system where I live is a Mazarati. Unfortunately, it belongs to my girlfriend, and I don't have a license.

tanukigo said...

I've been up there and was not offered any Hawaiian Punch, nor was I shown a pantry full of Joseph Smith prophesies or instructions on how to communicate with the alien creators when they come back for us. I feel cheated.

Mike Hauser said...

David, who are you?