Monday, November 17, 2008

This morning I have this admittedly terrible song in my head. What do you do in these situations? Resistance only makes it worse. I think every song by Extreme is an encoded message compelling me to go to Target.

And please don't say "22 mg of Morrisey STAT" or something like that because that doesn't work either. Maybe 23 hours of Kenneth Anger films...

Coda: I just took a bath and I realized that was an actual ad for Target wasn't it? This is an extremely depressing development.


JimK said...

Ye gads....supertramp unplugged
redux in casual mallwear...!!!
you need something serious
quick, a depressant:

BACK, back to the existential

JimK said...

I's actually "Los Lonely Boys"
playing Supertramp. Ripoff of
both. ST licks, LLB vocals.
Play some real Supertramp. Get
angry and you get over the trick.

galaxyera said...

Panama - Van Halen. Stat.

Mike Hauser said...

Hold me closer tiny dancer!