Monday, September 07, 2009

Area Man

area man an important gold arm
vs. an example such as area man
or area man in a bittersweet glove
of wind like area man finally
succumbs offers succor to the asian markets
or paydirt in a plastic look
area man ooh yes
area man oh maybe lets stop
playing around
area man tongue us on our balconies
have a taste for birdflu area man you
recombinant mutant you
area man, man in an area
farther away yet toward where
the form fingers the function
the same principle as you reach
your robotic hand farther down through the prizebox
romance lies in wait for a housewarming
gift is a likely stunt
a lovelorn end table of promises
area man will never keep
only the cream of area man’s promise is real
only the measurement of luck
is one thing we’re out of
area man didn’t leave us any, let any out
area man takes me and you off his phone
he posts a grief along the tubes that draw up
the bingo machine being romantized
holler at you later
to pick up that area man
at the airport
save the zinfindel pasted
cards pasted F6 or try F8
younger than we struggled to believe
is area man having a brand new heart attack
a fascinating reception for his wake
along the coast
releasing the bubbles from the froth
from the ether from the freezeframe of the
world’s fantatstic grip and commodity fetish
sheltered reams of gold
punch up the imp in the cloud
the area man of the respectable courtship
sharkskin vs. the natural ways of man
what sounds as familiar later the vortex
was glanced into is all
an embroidery of prayers around
area man’s abode
the troubled psychedelia of his gait
later a pirate’s booty was shook
to shake out the fissionable material
the confirmed or most likely reducible
love which hangs from
area man’s hangnail lame as fuck
which is what we do in slo mo
the laughter of area man in sound booth
or mattress-coated suburban rec room
the softcore of sobriety society
the vague science of lucidity
the tame tune of newly washed hatchbacks
their glimmer in the sideways american morning show
a highly rated foot-race job
whistling on your gps
don’t name it’s location
melt it in your mouth
in your handmouth area man
poor means of your lovemaking area man

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