Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some More Tasty Omelets

brush cutting of the not-strictly factual?
garlic? and sauté?
(third-person singular
simple present sautés, present participle
sautéing, simple past
and past participle

BCC has to crack a vault
or melt completely—

serve a perfect golf swing
into the homemade no-frills
heroism of the Net
yeah, it’s a little of the
tongue-depressing quality though—
ranging from feta and spinach, to ham and cheese,

ranging the alps in a nifty Vespa
w/ Richard D. James
what a body’s on now
getting the résumé out of my intestines, just
a little twinge of the “chaach”
you can eat brunch as you explore
the Men's Auxiliary

Artists must submit a written and drawn
omelet proposal: taters,
Before the parade, Artists must
report for inspection
The menu will be
Darren Dean, Scones, and waffle station
Weekly at 8:15am

when, out dashes your Disney tour guide to
vandalize Elk River Parks,
submits a hard copy of your cover letter,
a minimum commitment of fourteen weeks,
then collapses
under the weight of the omelet bar

Lego bacon cheeseburgers
sprinkled throughout the province
like crepes sprinkled on the county economy
run through to the daily xtra Muffin of sad sadness

I’m a better judge of massive omelets
than I seem to be
The National Honey board bears
an extensive kissing revenge on Joe, in the end

Each day they must wrap up the omelet
another day older
resumes more so in disrepair
sprinkled throughout the province

like it was so much egg white
standing erect
“under the tutelage of Randy Tutelage”
a study in foreclosed color schemes

a pragmatism rhapsodizing
it’s own undercooked urethra quality
nevertheless great transportation options
more than enough face-time w/ Mr. Tony Shaloub

this is what Heaven was looks like than—

a Lego breakfast table in El Rosario
an ice-cold campfire
a bachelor's degree and a few years of experience

scrubbing away the omelet residue
seeing home—

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