Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Eggo Bus Blues

Try having my year
plugging up the incandescent
maternity singing
rumble tilts
That will get you
to cleaning your sinuses
as they rough and tumbling
felt lines
a thong spare as
the curt direction
given through tidy links
remedially after it
clenched I tell you
the waffling truth in those
the crickey blandishment
absolution of the apostles
or betterment of
retreads ye take through
garnish for
stares at the
sly and peaceful buzzing

Try havin my year
served with fennel in a
green plastic Pinocchio
bucket, hiccuped from the
infrastructural shepherds
with brutal lazer-toyed
and plainly Americans are
worried on their stoops
breathing as animals
caged in film trailers
leaving smokey

now you need release
getting used to these Towny
ways shying away around
plots of inherited binary
Smokey the Bear peers
outward from the
luminescent skiffle
pink visor
locking down
hardships, pen-whipped
lapidary as all get-out

I’ve been at this all year
shining deer in my
punk fashion
sufficing through
brutal relations
of seed
and whipped curls
to towns down-
grading collapsible
tents in the non-
functioning sun
spending absolution
through doubts of
star power as the lift
toward formality
reeling pant-leg
in the final honking
good party

try this tuner to use
for anal relief Trucks
no survivors Plane down
the board of life-like
drinking contests warping
around the child-like
fertilized eggo waffles
burning in the Supra-addict
where we store culture
refuse to sneeze in the
disheartening new climate of
Toy box brokerage

or try this plant your
gardens slantwise
catch newly renovated
sun disposal as Hell
to feed the capital’s
distant passive abuse
with long curly locks and
forced receptions of pasty
figurative pulls on
soon-to-be captioned
desperate gestures
counseling pour
stork jokes or cold
grief whinnying
Ouch! disheveling
folks’ electoral
area attitudes

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