Monday, October 08, 2007

How Weird Is This?

A dream where I'm on tour with The Arcade Fire, and I think me and the blond one are like stranded in a McDonalds parking lot somewhere, until Marx comes by in his Hummer to pick us up, so we can catch up to the rest of the band on tour.


Robert J. said...

Mike, did you notice there were four days in between your last two posts? I did! If this is some sort of "self-control" thing you're trying to pull here, Mike, there's really no room for such bullshit in the blogosphere. You've crossed the Baumann line -- one more stunt like this and you're nixed from my list of 19.5 blogs that I visit everymorning in my underwear from "the computer room."

Mike H said...

Ay captain.

Robert J. said...

By the way, if you move to Lawrence, the "Computer Room" could become the "Hauser Room"