Saturday, October 27, 2007

I never do anything elaborate for Halloween. Tonight I'll go as World's Greatest Dad. But I have a theory that this pisses some people off, my lack of effort at Halloween. Because they went to a great deal of effort, even spent alot of money, to look the way they do. And then here I am, in a t-shirt that says World's Greatest Dad, a lame cap, a fanny pack, and a name tag that says Albert Einstein? What is that? Some kind of ironic shit? He's making fun of Halloween isn't he? I spent 100 bucks to look like the guy from Beetljuice, and this guy spent 3 dollars at Value Village!


Robert J. said...

last night i went as "that guy"

JimK said...

Go as Hawkeye Pierce,
with the star-littered
trapper keeper.