Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some Favorite Pavement Lyrics

I am the only one searching for you
and when I get caught
then the search is through

painted portraits of minions & slaves
crotch mavens and one act plays
are they the only ones who laugh
at the jokes when they are so bad
and the jokes they're always bad
but they're not as bad as this

let’s spend our quarterstance randomly

you’ve been chosen as an extra
in the movie adaptation of the sequel to your life
--Shady Lane

so drunk in the august sun
and your the kind of girl I like
because you’re empty and I’m empty
--Gold Soundz

wake up early in the bed
to you morning comes so easy
--Type Slowly

--Cut Your Hair

write it on a post card, ‘Dad they broke me’
--Stop Breathin (possibly #1 Pavement tearjerker lyric)

lies and betrayals, fruit-covered nails, eee-electricity and lust
--Trigger Cut / Wounded Kite At :17”

I got style
miles & miles
so much style
that it’s wasted

don't hold your breath too long
this tunnel is a texas mile
--Texas Never Whispers


JimK said...

A fun assortment!

I'll give you 4 tiny
Snickers bars in your
"Pinch Me I'm Dreaming"
trick-or-treat bag.

: - )

Mike H said...

And I will eat them.